Procrastination and Regret

Procrastination and Regret

Procrastination and Regret


Do you remember Aunt Izzie?

Her death in “What Katy Did” taught Katy the meaning of regret. It was – for a sickly sweet book – a very poignant moment. And yes, “regrets I’ve had a few” — but one particular one is nagging at me as we come to the end of the Christmas holidays.

When we first moved to the neighborhood I was delighted by the Christmas decorations at one of the houses round the corner. It was very simple. Propped up against the third floor window from a second floor balcony was a rustic ladder. And every Christmas the homeowners placed a jolly Saint Nick with a sack full of presents on that rickety old ladder, with a spotlight on him as he climbed up to deliver his bulging bag of gifts.

And every year I promised myself I’d take a picture to remind myself just how whimsical and enchanting some of the most simple decorations could be. So this year I thought to myself – go over there and take that picture before you forget again.

But when I arrived – the house was the same, the rustic ladder was still there – but no Saint Nick. Not on any of the nights before Christmas. Now there’s just an empty ladder.

And I felt I’d lost something really special. Something meaningful is now missing from my life – something I can’t get back.

Have you ever had this happen to you?

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