On the Road — Again

Back in May 2015 I set out for a short business trip. And limped home – finally – at the end of October. Almost 6 months on the road, 6 whole months – half a year. Granted there were extenuating circumstances, family health being one of them, but it was almost as if once on the road I was on a relentless treadmill that just couldn’t or wouldn’t release me.

Tomorrow I get to go home. And I’m not sure what to expect. A week or so in my own home, with my own thoughts and my own challenges.

Today though I’m at BlogHer Food in Chicago and have just enjoyed two exceptional days of content, interspersed with those magic moments when women who never met before find themselves sharing painfully poignant memories of death and hope, laughing and crying in the corridor.

There’s a sisterhood at a BlogHer event that’s unlike any other blogging conference I’ve attended – in a few short hours you make friends that you take away with you for years to come. It’s amazing and inevitable. Longing for next year.

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